What we do

Each Ombudsperson follows the four principles: confidentiality, impartiality,  independence and informality. They work independently of SOS Children’s Villages as a check and balance to safeguarding with the goal of finding a solution to the concern raised.


When an “inquirer” — a child or young person or concerned adult — contacts a National Ombuds with a concern, they will be heard, options will be discussed, and together next steps will be determined, whether it is to report to child safeguarding or find another solution.


Why is the Ombuds Office needed?

Following a review of child safeguarding across SOS Children’s Villages, and the recommendations of the Independent Special Commission, SOS Children’s Villages is committed to strengthening its child safeguarding systems across Member Associations (MAs), the General Secretariat (GSC), and the federation. This key priority includes a commitment to “establishing an ombudsperson system to represent the rights of children, young people and others affected by abuse.”


Roles and responsibilities