Announcement – April 27 2023

Ombuds Board in place

The Leadership Selection Committee of the International Senate is delighted to announce that an independent global Ombuds Board has now been established.

The global Ombuds Board consists of five eminent personalities with vast international experience and expertise in the fields of child rights, child development, ombuds and mediation. Throughout their careers, board members have demonstrated a strong commitment and passion to upholding the rights of children and young people. The Ombuds Board will oversee the independent Ombuds Office, which includes the following specific responsibilities: ​​​​​​​

  • Select the Global Ombuds and maintain an overview of their onboarding and training. This includes supporting and advising them as needed and/or upon request.
  • Meeting the Global Ombuds quarterly during scale-up; meeting the Global and Regional Ombuds annually for Ombuds Office review and planning.
  • Annually evaluating the Ombuds Office against a set of objectives and key performance indicators.
  • Approving the Ombuds Office annual reports, which include safeguarding trends and gaps identified by inquirers, a summary of outcomes of inquiries, and advocating for action.
  • Receiving and considering written input from the CEO and Programme Audit Committee regarding the effectiveness of the ombuds structure.
  • Responding to any concerns and retaliation against the Ombuds Office


"I am delighted that SOS Children’s Villages International has established a distinguished Ombuds Board at global level. This is a significant breakthrough in the history of child safeguarding in our Federation. The Ombuds System is our collective vow to listen to the voices of children and young people to grow with safety, dignity and bonding they always deserve.  The five eminent personalities, with vast international experience in the fields of child rights, academia and justices have strong commitment and passion to upholding the rights of children and young people. The Ombuds Office will be an independent body to listen to complaints, difficulties and breaches of children’s and young people’s rights in our worldwide programs."

Dereje Wordofa
President of SOS Children's Villages International


Ombuds board chair

Ombuds board members